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  1. gen 7 misfire problems

    Advanced Technical Discussion
    Hi there I have a gen 7 celica on a 52 plate (uk) I bought the car no realising the engine was pooped, the piston rings had gone. But about 60 miles before having the engine replaced it started to idle really rough and very low (when warm), I just thought it was a one off and kind of ignored it...
  2. Missfire issue (p0300) and black smoke?

    Repair & Maintenance
    hey guys, so i have been having a very hard time diagnosing what exactly is causing random misfires on my celica, i have a 2000 gts, only engine mods are a trd intake and trd exhaust with stock headers. so the car was throwing a p0171 lean code but i fixed that with two new o2 sensors and a new...
  3. Random cylinder misfire codes... Help please?

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have had a persistent CEL for a while now with the following codes: P300: random cylinder misfire P303: cylinder 3 misfire '02 GTS. Symptoms: hesitation in the morning or when the engine is cold; engine sputters lightly pretty much all the time (can be heard from the air intake and...