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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    From the start, the car has been running great for a long time now, but suddenly the RPM started bouncing from 100 to 1000 RPM in idle. As soon as i noticed it i stopped and changed the MAF sensor with one i had in my trunk. (the spare MAF was changed due to a miss fire issue long ago) When i...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    The car was running fine, had done periodic maintenance a few days ago, a new battery, cleaned the maf, throttle body, air filter, IAC. The car was running great and without any issues. Then suddenly today while cruising along slowly noticed jerks while driving, tried to see if it wan just me...
  3. Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2001 Celica GT with 104600 miles. I'm having misfires, but no codes are being throw. It did throw one, but went away as fast as it popped up. We have changed the fuel pump and filter, engine heat temp sensor and exhaust manifold seal. The mechanic can't even find a code with a 6000...
1-3 of 3 Results