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  1. Performance Mods
    Hey Guys I made an custom intake manifold for 2zz-ge engine and fit on Toyota celica gts, matrix xrs and corolla xrs and is a great performance upgrade with alot of gains The intake itself made +8WHP and +6ibs torque on the dyno with stock ecu and installed with the same mods. Here is the link...
  2. Fabrication Forum
    Hello everyone, I searched the forum and couldn't find an answer to this question so here goes...I bought a 2002 Celica GT a few months back and love this car, but it didn't come with the cargo shelf in the hatch. I know I can buy one on eBay but I don't have that kind of moolah :money: so I...
  3. Appearance Mods
    Hi guys, I bought a set of the cheap aftermarket headlights awhile ago and they are starting to fall apart, I got my use out of them so it's not that big of a deal. They still work so I can always fall back on them. I still have my stock headlights though and my brother just baked his Acura TL...
  4. Readers Rides
    Hi, Im Kris(skylin4) and i have a 2001 Celica GT. (totally sounded like an AA meeting but i couldnt think of a better way to start..) I'm 18 years old and an engineering student at the University of Kentucky, and I figured for fun I could make a readers ride on my car for those looking for...
  5. Performance Mods
    Hey guys! Anyone ever used a MAF spacer,to raise the MAF sensor higher than it's normal place and make the intake tube more free flowing?? I am thinking about this mod,lately... Discuss,please!
  6. Performance Mods
    I have a 2000 gts and ever since I got it I always felt like it needed a dual exhaust. I have tried looking online and not much luck anyone know anything about doing this mod. This is the closest I found...
  7. Performance Mods
    Just making a thread about what I did for weight reduction/cleaning. I wanted to clean around the edges, under the seats, etc. Here is what I got! I used a standard personal weight machine (so give or take a few lbs) Basic Rear Seat Delete and Spare Tire 1) Rear Seat Backs...
  8. Performance Mods
    My GTS needs a clutch and flywheel. I ordered a Exedy stage 1 clutch and i'm looking at the gripforce flywheel. I know their clutches suck but my thought is there isn't much that could go wrong with the one piece flywheel(chromoly 11.7 lbs) at 190$. The next closest flywheel is the fidenza at...
  9. Photoshop modified car (thanks to DigableGTS for the car pic)

    Well i decided to just try a quik mess around with a celica on photoshop and i added colors to it and then lowerd it quite a bit and im also gonna add more to it later when i have more time
1-9 of 9 Results