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  1. Parts For Sale
    I am selling this low mileage (~63k) Toyota / Yamaha 1.8L 4 cylinder 2ZZ-GE engine. It is in known great working condition as I personally took it out of my own vehicle to swap in another 2ZZ I built up for future turbocharging. Prior to removing it I tested compression and all cylinders were...
  2. So Cal Classifieds
    As some of you guys might remember my old whip was wrecked/rear ended. I salvaged everything under the hood including my low mile 2zz-ge block. It was my second block off a xrs. when I bought it it had 40,000 miles. I added another 30k for a total of 70k miles. need it gone asap! ASKING $1400
  3. So Cal Classifieds
    Wrecked my Celica & was able to take some parts out of it.... but now I'm trying to clean up my garage because I'm moving soon. Well im located in Pomona but im in orange county most of the weekends. Text is the fastest way to contact me. Feel free to ask for more pics. My cell # is 909...
  4. Photography
    Sony Carl Zeiss Cyber-shot 6.0 DSC-S600 Here are some of my amateur photos: I took these last year. I took these within the past two weeks and I have car pics to accompany them, but those are going into Readers Rides after I'm done resizing them. :)
  5. Readers Rides
    Yes, a drop is coming in the near future. :evil:
1-5 of 6 Results