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  1. Stock GT muffler and TRD muffler

    Performance Mods
    I got a trd muffler currently on my gts, and it's nearly completely trashed (due to the previous owner). I have a friend who has a stock gt muffler he's willing to give me. Can the GT muffler directly replace my current TRD gts muffler? I've heard the hangers, and the pipe layout is different...
  2. wtb muffler heat shield

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    I need the heat shield above the muffler. The end were the bolt goes through has to be in good condition.
  3. TRD extended length exhaust

    Parts For Sale
    Used TRD extended length exhaust. Used condition ,Has some scrapes on the bottom of the tip. it is not new. It has been installed on the car, expect some signs of use normal wear. there is no damage or leaks anything effecting functionality . If you know anything about the TRD exhaust there...
  4. wanted magnaflow exhaust for GT

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    I'm looking to buy a magnaflow exhaust for my celica gt.
  5. Wanted: Trd exhaust for 2000 gt

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    I am looking to buy TRD exhaust for my 2000 gt.
  6. were can i buy original trd exhaust for a gt

    Performance Mods
    i want to get the trd exhaust for a celica 2000 gt. found one at andy's autosports wich says trd sport muffler w/ extended tip, the it says for use with rear valance. I'm new to all the exhaust thing so please help me out. that is...
  7. Trd muffler gts extended length exhaust

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for a new or used trd sport muffler for a 2003 gts with action package. Part number ptr08-2000-08 ptr08200008 Thank you
  8. FT: Silverline Axle-back

    Nor Cal Classifieds
    trade for a stock GT-S exhaust plus cash and installation. I will meet you at a muffler shop. from santa rosa/sacramento/san jose/gilroy/stockon/pleasanton. So send me your offers. I dont have a picture right now but if i need to post one, Just let me know mr. Mods, and I will.
  9. Tips for Removing Stock Exhaust

    Repair & Maintenance
    I just removed the stock muffler from my car and I thought I'd share some knowledge from my experience. 1. Make sure you do this when the car is cold and hasn't been running in a while 2. The only tools you need are a 14mm wrench (I used a 1/2 socket wrench), some WD40, some jack stands with...
  10. Magnaflow Muffler

    Performance Mods
    I'm new to mufflers and exhaust. I really want a nice sporty, tuned sounding muffler. I just don't know which muffler is the best. HELP PLEASE!
  11. Attenuating bass exhaust noise...

    Forced Induction & Nitrous
    Hi! I have a custom 3" exhaust for my setup which has a catalyst, a resonator and a big straight-through muffler. The thing is that after 3000rpm and at -0.1boost and above, it gets REALLY noisy. Specifically, bass frequencies resonate and all you hear is a REALLY loud hum which covers the...
  12. I need a muffler for my 01 celica gt

    Performance Mods
    i have to put a muffler on back where the exhaust tip is. Only problem is i need a muffler with the inlet and outlet on the same side. i dont want that tin can sound either. anyone know where i can get a good cheap on like a flowmaster knock off or something? im trying to do this as cheap as i...