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  1. Readers Rides
    Hi, Im Kris(skylin4) and i have a 2001 Celica GT. (totally sounded like an AA meeting but i couldnt think of a better way to start..) I'm 18 years old and an engineering student at the University of Kentucky, and I figured for fun I could make a readers ride on my car for those looking for...
  2. Performance Mods
    I have a 2000 celica gt, which I'm swapping a 2zz into, I'm not really into F/I so I'm going N/A, so I'm basically throwin the 1ZZ crank into the 2zz, which basically wat the stroker kit is, so Is it really as easy as just throwing the crank and the rod bearings or is way more complicated? And...
1-2 of 2 Results