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  1. Dinner Thread

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    What does everyone like to eat for dinner? Take out or eat at home?
  2. E-Pimping 101

    Off Topic: Enter at your Own Risk
    When you notice a new member with the username "CosmoBlondie", it might be safe to assume said user is female. Get your pimp stick out bitches, it's cybersex time! :naughty: CosmoBlondie - newest member of NCO. "She" is from Southern Oregon. I click on "her" username (as I do with all new...
  3. FOOD for Beach Meet

    USA - Northern California
    Decided we should have SOME food at the beach meet. Please post what you are volunteering to bring. I'll be bringing the wood and the stuff for the fire. Will also bring marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate. There are over 30 people attending this meet. I would appreciate if you all...