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  1. Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I'm new to car maintenance, as this beautiful 5-speed celica is my first car to call my own. I am a high school senior and looking to pursue automotive engineering in college, so I am hoping to perform a lot of the needed maintenance on this vehicle myself/with a buddy. One of the first things...
  2. Introduction Zone
    i see different color usernams/ screen names. green, blue, red, yellow, orange, (purple?) bold and so on. what do these all mean?
  3. Cars For Sale
    1988 wrangler need gone so i can register my celica(too many cars), its kinda celica related so i guessing i can sell here? im still a noob lol its got a inline 6 2000 laredo engine 4.0L with 80,000 miles on it, switched it from carburated to electronic fuel injection, trannys completely...
  4. General Discussion
    my girlfriend wants to help me work on my car, thought she was joking but shes serious, so any idea of something really basic, i did spark plugs, and oil change already, so idk any ideas, could be fun :blah:
1-4 of 5 Results