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  1. Experience from 18" wheels?

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    I'm going for 18 "wheels for my GTS. Been looking what others have gone for and my results are 18/8 with 215-225/40/18 with et 35+. I have option for 18/7,5 with 225/40/18 et: 35 Second one is 18/8,5 with 225/40/18 et: 40 So I'd like to hear from you guys and your experience what offsets suits...
  2. 18" axis super hiro rims & tires flat black 5x100 8.5 wide 35 of like new - $650

    So Cal Classifieds
    18" axis super hiro rims & tires flat black 5x100 8.5 wide 35 of like new - $650 I bought these rims about 2 months ago they are super hiro axis rims with tires 18x8.5 35offset 5x100 flat black with tires 2 khumo and 2 sumitomo tires both about 60% tread. Absolutely no bends or cracks.. near...
  3. Wheel offset / spacers with 1.4" drop question

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    I know this has been rehashed on here quite a bit, but I wanted to get some feedback specific to my purchases. I'm about to order a set of Tokico S.Techs with Tein springs (1.4" drop from a kit on ebay for $512 shipped), and also wanted to upgrade wheels/tires at the same time. Looking at a...
  4. help with offset! spacers.

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    does anyone have pics of 16x7 +35offset wheels with a 15mm or 20mm spacer in the rear wheels?? please post pics if you do im not sure which to buy.
  5. THE PARTOUT CONTINUES : 17" GOLD SPORTMAXX 962 32 offset Rims!!

    So Cal Classifieds
    NEXT UP MY GOLD SPORTMAXX 962 17" 32 OFFSET:marky: tire size 335/45/17 front 60% trad & rear 30% a couple scratches 9 out of 10 condition. These were rim of the year a couple years back;) asking $650:wiggle: Uploaded with Uploaded with