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oil consumption

  1. 1ZZ Oil Consumption Fix How To Video Guide

    Repair & Maintenance
    Found this awesome video of a guy walking through tearing down a 1ZZ which will probably be extremely helpful for someone taking apart a 1ZZ or if you want to attempt to fix the oil consumption problem. Didn't watch the entire thing but skipped around and seems really well explained...
  2. 1zz oil consumption fixed for $125.00

    Repair & Maintenance
    How I was able to stop the excessive oil consumption on my 00 GT First a little history. Back in November I decided to get a used car that got decent mileage. My Tacoma double cab 4x v6 is a pig. I always liked the Celica so I started looking around and found a clean GT at a dealer in...
  3. Noise under valve cover

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello, I'm a new user to this, but I've had my 2000 GTS for about 7 years. I'm having some noise underneath my valve cover and it seems to be localized near the timing chain area. It only occurs sometimes when my RPM's are under 2K and decellerating. And I can make it stop by feathering the...