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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hello old friends, I’ve finally parted ways with my 00 Celica GT-S track day car and I’m selling my APEXi Power FC with commander. It was last tuned at Monkey Wrench Racing. 700obo!
  2. Parts For Sale
    Up for grabs is a 2000 OEM ECU off of a GTS. I'm asking $110 shipped anywhere in the U.S. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>
  3. Want To Buy Ads
    I am one of the unlucky souls that has an 04 celi with the dbw. Looking to see if there any wiring harnesses still out there so I can get a pfc Thanks
  4. Want To Buy Ads
    I have a 2004 Celica GT, that I boosted 2 years ago running 8 psi, 840cc MWR injectors, 165 lph DW fuel pump that made 265 fwhp. Im currently using AEM FIC for the tune and its brutal! so please if you have/know anyone that has one let me know!!
  5. ECU Tuning
    Well as mentions earlier, the power FC could have some issues. I have: issue 1 Under the 2000 rpm and if i lift the throttle so fuel cutt is active, and hit the throttle again a little (say city driving) the timing goes for 2 a 3 seconds to zero. after 2 a 3 seconds it following the ignition...
  6. Performance Mods
    Had anyone experiance with this setup. I mean does the oem ecu Will handle the higher pressure And compensate? The reason why i ask. I am boosted. gt28rs on Stock 1zz , 3 inch high flow cat, 440cc inj, pfc, ik20, and oem fuelpump. I managed to get pass the emission check this year but it was...
  7. ECU Tuning
    Another rare problem. If i turn on o2 feedback on my PFC (3.14), the engine starts to shake and vibrate. If i look at the log, the inj time is fluctuating fast. At idle and O2 feedback off, the inj.time is mostly 1.9 ms stady. If i switch on o2 feedback it fluctuate fast between 1.5ms and 2.5...
  8. Parts For Sale
    For sale 2zz Apexi PFC with commander like new, only tested - in mint condition. Model: PFC ZT231020-0847 newer model with OLED display Price $900 shipped for all
  9. Parts For Sale
    This is my going back to stock sell. Ive only had these parts on for alittle over a year so there pretty new. im located by dayton ohio for locals Apexi Power fc. includes computer and commander asking 800 shipped to lower 48 AEM cold air intake. includes tube, filter, TB coupling and MAF...
  10. iPFC for Android screenshot

    This is a screenshot from the Android application that Nessos IT has developed.
  11. ECU Tuning
    Hi! I would like to add two water temp and one air temp sensors to the AN inputs of the Datalogit. Do you have any recommendations as to what sensors should I purchase that are compatible?
  12. ECU Tuning
    Guyz, I am thinking of bying a set of 4 of the following items: eBay: EGT Thermocouple K type for Exhaust Gas Temp Probe eBay: EGT 5v K-Type adapter / conditioner for data logging The idea is to install each probe at each cylinder (ronin has done that) in order to monitor and log proper...
  13. PFC log when TVS A/A intercooler is bypassed

    Check how at sudden throttle tip-ins, VTA, MAF and boost coincide almost perfectly
  14. PFC log when TVS A/A intercooler is bypassed

    Check how throttle tip-in curve is similar and on-time with MAF and boost. Moreover, richening has completely disappeared.
  15. TVS R1320 with intercooler bypassed

    This is a test intercooler bypass in order to investigate a weird behavior of the system which caused sudden rich conditions at throttle tip-in. This bypass led to normal operation of the system in contrast with its former condition where the intercooler was part of the system. It seems that an A/W
  16. Straight air intake (MAF relocated)

    This is my straight 3&quot; internal diameter (don't mind the peculiar outer shape!) with the MAF relocated at the middle between the air intake and throttle body. Distance between MAF and air intake/throttle body is a little less than 5&quot;. MAF spiking problems still remain...
  17. A/F ratio dip from throttle tip-in with boost readings

    This is a screenshot from Apexi PFC DataLogit with sudden throttle tip-ins. Observe the difference between MAF voltage and boost peak
  18. A/F ratio dip from throttle tip-in (edited)

    This is a typical low-peak of A/F ratio when tipping-in with my setup. Tip-in enrichment is completely turned off. Observe that at tip-in A/F ratio destabilizes approximately for 1 sec and after very smooth depress of the throttle, A/F ratio destabilizes inversely for approximately 1 sec.
  19. A/F ratio dip from throttle tip-in

    This is a typical low-peak of A/F ratio when tipping-in with my setup. Tip-in enrichment is completely turned off...
  20. ECU Tuning
    Hi! I decided to start an electronics pet project of my own, which in short will connect to the Apexi PFC via DataLogIt and will respond to OBDII queries. I know it seems a bit ambitious but I am quite confident I am going to make it. I have found the serial protocol of the DataLogIt so I know...
1-20 of 22 Results