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    I've been thinking about doing a few things to my Celica, but I'm always kind of scared to spend the money if I'm not sure how it would look first. I was just trying to see if anybody can accurately simulate a carbon fiber hood, a TRD spoiler, black side skirts, and more of a drop (as if it was...
  2. New Varis ZERO!

    New Varis ZERO!

    Here's a chop I did. I think I will go and do this scheme. I've been in love with this color back in 2003. It's one awesome color that I was lucky enough to find for an MR2. Now I want my Celica to match.
  3. Varis Low - //ZERO

    Varis Low - //ZERO

    Chopped. Looks good though, right?
  4. burn


    photo chop.
  5. Wet driveway

    Wet driveway

    Reflective pic of celica in driveway.
  6. Scion style2

    Scion style2

    Scion picture style
  7. Cosmica