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  1. Parts For Sale
    Painted upper center console (radio bezel) the paint quality is decent and it looks decent but is ruff to the touch, could use a respray, no door. Stock/factory (not real) carbon fiber upper center console (radio bezel) there is a picture that shows a small chip taken out of the top and shows...
  2. Want To Buy Ads
    Im looking for an 03 dash, 03 climate control plastics with all knobs and buttons(dont need motherboard or anything behind the fromt plastics but i gladly will take it too :D), and an 03 window switch module, 03 sunroof dome light plastic, 03 under steering wheel plastic that has the hood lever...
  3. Parts For Sale
    So i just decided to go ahead and make a new thread for the parts. So here is what all I am selling for now. I am taking offers on all of it. For a faster response please pm me. I will check the thread when i can. Rear door panels - Fairly good condition just need washed some Rear window...
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    In stock celicas, there is a black plastic cover on the left side of the engine bay next to the engine block, and widens out towards the front of the car. What is that covering? I'm afraid to take it off.
  5. Parts For Sale
    I have a bunch of random stuff up for sale. All prices are Best Offer. PM with any inquiries or offers. Hopefully the pictures will work, if not I'll try it again. Everything is "what you see is what you get." I don't have any other screws or tabs for anything, just what is in the pics...
  6. Want To Buy Ads
    i need a driver side fender liner for a 2005 gts, mine has the body kit so i think its different than others, pm me and let me know if you have one willing to sell
  7. Nor Cal Classifieds
    Have for sale 2 sunroof panel. They are the plastic ones. They are all faded out. One is better then the other. Would be great for overlaying in carbon fiber or blackout sticker over it. Name the price and you can have them.
1-7 of 7 Results