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  1. Appearance Mods
    I am going to list and post pictures of most of the aftermarket headlights available for our cars. I need all of you to post your opinions and feedback about each one so we can hopefully make a guide for everyone who plans to upgrade their lights. And let it begin: Oem Halogens $50-100...
  2. Celica projectors can be improved.

    This is a 7th Gen Celica, halogen projector which has had the standard shield cut out and replaced with a custom one. Slight bulb alignment changes are also required to straighten the 'arms' of the beam pattern. More to come when mods are complete, and I get a better camera
  3. General Discussion
    [Picture fixed] Celica Projectors with HID's don't need to suck, check it out I purchased a headlight from a rolled (and drowned) 7th gen a month or so back, cleaned it up and pulled the projector out to see what a bit of tinkering would achieve (stock halogen projector, RHD, ECE cutoff)...
1-3 of 3 Results