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  1. Engine Rattling - Told it's timing chain

    Repair & Maintenance
    So I picked up a 2002 Celica GT about two months ago. I like the car, but being the poor college student I am, I had to go the craigslist route. As usual with craigslist, it was kinda a coin toss whether I got a diamond in the rough or a clunker. It's starting to look like I might have lost the...
  2. I have compiled a list of rear trunk area interior squeaks and rattles

    Repair & Maintenance
    Finally got around to having a buddy drive the car around as I sat in the trunk. The list is not fully comprehensive, so feel free to chime in. After 15 years the car tends to get pretty squeaky and noisy in the rear, especially at cold temps. In order of weighted probability + annoyance...
  3. Exhaust Tip

    Appearance Mods
    I bought a cheap $50 exhaust tip/muffler off Ebay. I straight piped my stock muffler and had this muffler tip welded on. It looks great and sounded great for the first 4 months or so, but I now have this horrible rattling noise at about 2-3k rpm's. It is not the hanger, but appears to be...
  4. Running Rich at Startup

    USA - South East
    I am having a very weird problem where my 2zz sounds like it is running rich from a cold start and I have no power. I have to wait a bit for the engine to warm up so that I have the power to slowly let the clutch slip into 1st gear but the engine still threatens to die (stooping as low as 400...
  5. engine compartment pop

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys. two days ago I installed the aem cai on my 01 gt. Last night I was revving it while parked and I heard loud pop, like a backfire, in the engine compartment. Now when im driving at low speed (5-10mph) there's a rattle coming from the driver side. I slowly revved it in park but no...