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  1. Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for the fake exhaust tip that connects to the tsunami rear bumper. If you have it, or might know someone who has it, PM me.
  2. So Cal Classifieds
    Wuts good my NC peeps. Been a minute since I've been on here. Been recovering from my bike accident and am ready to repair my Celica. I need a rear bumper. Please let me know if you have one laying around and can donate it or sell it to me! I appreciate the help:wave:
  3. Parts For Sale
    Hi all. up for sale is this rear valence with the hole for the exhaust in the middle. you would have to get your exhaust moved, but it would look pretty sweet with a twin/dual tip. right now im unsure of shipping but i am asking 75$+shipping for it. Thanks
  4. Want To Buy Ads
    hey guys been away on military orders for a while. but im back now. im looking for CF interior pieces to go with my window panels that i have installed already. also looking for a new rear lip or bumper...idc what kind it is as long as the muffler space is on the right side. i need something to...
  5. Parts For Sale
    Hey everyone ! I'm selling my old Bodykit for Celica 2000 - 2005 Extreme Dimensions Duraflex Fiberglass Vader Body Kit - 4 Pieces - Color Silver The kit is still in good shape and minor damage can be repair if you know the good person. I'm asking 200 $ + shipping fee or any better offer...
  6. Appearance Mods
    I know Ive seen a couple really old threads about this but I have no idea where to find the rear fog lights for my car!!!! Can anybody help me
1-6 of 6 Results