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  1. Parts For Sale
    For Sale I have a Pair of super rare and really sought after TRD JDM rear lights. These are very similar to the tsunami rear lights but have slightly less red and are much harder to come by. These have been discontinued for over a decade and cannot be bought new. They are in really good...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    Finally got around to having a buddy drive the car around as I sat in the trunk. The list is not fully comprehensive, so feel free to chime in. After 15 years the car tends to get pretty squeaky and noisy in the rear, especially at cold temps. In order of weighted probability + annoyance...
  3. So Cal Classifieds
    Wuts good my NC peeps. Been a minute since I've been on here. Been recovering from my bike accident and am ready to repair my Celica. I need a rear bumper. Please let me know if you have one laying around and can donate it or sell it to me! I appreciate the help:wave:
  4. Buyer & Seller Feedback
    I purchased rear calipers from the guy and he told me that they were not ceased and ready to go. I got them and started to rebuld them and they are ceased and the pistons integrated because of rust. If I put them on my car i could have killed some body. I will never buy from him again. BTW if I...
  5. Parts For Sale
    Hi all. up for sale is this rear valence with the hole for the exhaust in the middle. you would have to get your exhaust moved, but it would look pretty sweet with a twin/dual tip. right now im unsure of shipping but i am asking 75$+shipping for it. Thanks
  6. Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hi, I have a 00 GT, and unfortunately I am stuck with the nasty Drums and Shoes for the rear brakes. I want to convert them to Disc & caliper mostly for cosmetic purposes seeing as the fronts do 60% of the stopping work anyway. But, I was wondering - - All I need is the Caliper, Caliper...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Have for sale an OEM Rear Bumper in Spectra Blue Mica, needs to be repainted, not broken or cracked anywhere, accept for paint, it is in great physical condition. Also for sale is a rear lip, also spectra blue, don't know too much about it, has a few chips here and there, tried to show in pics...
  8. Want To Buy Ads
    Looking for stock 1D0 rear bumper painted and in decent shape. I bumped into someone and put a hole in mine...oops. Aftermarket ones are a possibility, as long as they are painted. Thanks!
  9. Want To Buy Ads
    Hey I'm looking to buy or trade for a ww rear any condition and any color, let me know what you have. I can trade veilside rear or sides dark red but they need fiberglass work to them. Thanks!
  10. USA - North West
    Hey just curious if anyone has a stock rear bumper lying around? If you do how much are you looking to get for it?
  11. Nor Cal Classifieds
    stock 2000 front and rear bumper - $200 stock gts wheels - $150 wheels have around 5% and 45% tread just look at pics local pickup only
  12. Want To Buy Ads
    Hey im looking to buy a rear kaminari bumper, and trade my 03-05 bumper with grills and all for an authentic kaminari front bumper. LMK what you have.
  13. Introduction Zone
    I've had my Celica for about 5 months. I haven't done anything major too it, but recently I've been thinking about lowering my car and maybe do a freshening on the suspension. I was going to Get Illumina Tokico Shocks with TEIN lowing springs. But I've been told I might as well change the...
  14. Want To Buy Ads
    Hey I need a rear bumper stock any color, oh and if it had a rear lip that would be a bonus but just stocks good too. Just lemme know what you have. Also include price shipped to 98503.
  15. Appearance Mods
    Hey does anyone have a picture or a chop of molly side skirts with a trial rear? I was wondering if they flowed together?...also with a molly front lip.
  16. General Discussion
    OK so i've been doing some reading online, and the basic story is as follows: Apparently some of the Celicas have a leak that causes water to pool up under the rear seats. First sign you wana look for is if your rear window is always fogged up when you goto your car in the morning thats the...
  17. Spoiler Delete

    Removed rear spoiler for a cleaner look
  18. 560a0440

    Stock 2001 spoiler reversed
1-20 of 25 Results