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  1. throttle cable fraying , slowly breaking

    Repair & Maintenance
    hey guys this is my first post so please bear with me , if someone can link me to the right page to look at a repair guild that would be great! so today i was driving , somewhat hard in my GT and went to drop a few gears to slow down i feel that car speeding up ! i was shocked ! it happed 4...
  2. Diagnosis

    Repair & Maintenance
    I’m having a real difficult time figuring out what’s going on with my car. It’s been idling rough for awhile and eventually began to stall out at stops. I’ve cleaned and replaced everything from the maf sensor, serpentine belt, oem air filter(previous owner), and spark plugs. The car is over...
  3. Burning Oil Help!!

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello i am having some problems with my 02 celica gt. Problems -Burns Oil -Backfires (most likely CAT) -Burnt Oil exhaust fumes -Knocking Sound (Pistons?)
  4. How to/ Which parts to replace parking brake in 93 celica GTS?

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I'm new to car maintenance, as this beautiful 5-speed celica is my first car to call my own. I am a high school senior and looking to pursue automotive engineering in college, so I am hoping to perform a lot of the needed maintenance on this vehicle myself/with a buddy. One of the first things...
  5. 2004 tsunami edition rear bumper repair.

    Advanced Technical Discussion
    Ok so I'm looking at buying a celica with a damaged back bumper, the seller has another bumper.. also damaged. but I want to know if this piece can be removed. the one he has with it. and the car. you can obviously see why I want to know xD I want to know if you can unclip or remove the...
  6. Repairing serious damage to rear quarter panel

    Repair & Maintenance
    Backstory: Near the end of this past winter I was on my way to work the morning after a heavy snow and started fishtailing down a hill (my tires were bald, no money to replace at the time). I spun around backwards and slammed into a tall fire hydrant. One of the spouts smash straight through the...
  7. Would I have to drop the transmission to replace the Clutch?

    Introduction Zone
    I have a 2000 Toyota Celica Gt Manual and was wondering if I am able to just lift the car and remove the transmission plate to get to the clutch or would I have to remove it completely? Any advice, videos and/or Pics would help. Thank you.
  8. Just bought new LED tail

    Appearance Mods
    New user! I just bought some new taillights from andys auto which can be seen here: Ill probably make this way longer than it needs to be so a apologize. This is what my plans are.. i have no...
  9. Sideskirt fix

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hi all readers! I've got a question for you. My 2001 Celica GT is equipped with a TTE kit (Toyota Team Europe). This kit is composed of a front spoiler, rear spoiler, sideskirts and a double exhaust centered at the back. I really like this kit on my car, but when I was washing my celica the...
  10. !!head gasket repair!! DIY attempt failed! help!)=

    Repair & Maintenance
    ok so I have a 2000 celica GT with 125,000 miles on it. recently I have been having some issues.... low horsepower, oil consumption, vacuum leaks from air intake, and a few other minor things.. so my fiances sisters boyfriend works on cars and he offered to help me replace all the gaskets...
  11. is it worth it?

    Fabrication Forum
    Saw a nice 02 GTS at a junkyard with some side impact on the passenger door some dents, and what not on one side no damage to the engine or any sort looks practically new, obviously it has a salvaged title, def buying if its a deal :gap: but im pretty sure it has frame damage, and i heard it...