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  1. Appearance Mods
    One of my 00-02 fog lights cracked which let water inside and corroded everything inside. Saw these on EBay so I gave them a shot So in case you're looking to try these out here is a review thread before you buy them (I don't know if they work with 03+) These fogs DO NOT come with brackets...
  2. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    I am going up the walls with this. I bought a 2000 Celica GT-S from a dealer who did not have a keyless remote fob for the vehicle. So I ran the check to see if the vehicle has the system and it does. I then purchased a replacement remote from an eBay seller who thought his was the right model...
  3. Appearance Mods
    I was wondering if anyone knew where to purchase replacement hoses for the intake and engine bay. Mine are getting near the end of their life and wanted to switch over to silocone. Looking for possibly red or gloss black.
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    So I have done quite a lot of research on replacement auto glass and think I have narrowed it down to two companies. Unfortunately, I won't be able to replace with OEM because my insurance will only pay up to $390 which includes parts and labor costs. The cheapest I could find was $840 parts and...
1-4 of 5 Results