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  1. Rice

  2. Appearance Mods
    I took my Molly front lip to a urethane repair shop for some repairs. Money is a lil short so I'm thinking of sticker bombing it with random stickers or wrap with sticker bombed print on it until i can paint it. I'd like to see some pics of other 7th gen Celicas with sticker bombed front lips or...
  3. General Discussion :bang:
  4. So Cal Classifieds
    Title says it all. Its silver. Couple of paint chips but no cracks. You can come by my place and check it out for yourself. Its authentic polyeurethane. It was for sale in the high 100's before but i want to get rid of this asap so this is my final offer. $100 bucks. You can't find any bumper...
1-5 of 6 Results