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  1. FS: MWR Rods + Pistons + Springs + 6 SPEED Tranny

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    Selling some stuff. Rods and pistons came from an old turbo build that failed. Rods could be probably be reconditioned but are in OK shape and pistons are in good shape with no issues. Rods: $420 XD OBO Pistons $320 shipped OBO Too lazy to install the 6-speed so the first $450 OBO takes...
  2. upgraded rods

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    my current engine has a cracked rod. getting the entire thing rebuilt and i was going to have them put in some upgraded rods while they had the thing torn apart. even if you dont have somethin for me, let me know what brands to look at? i cant spend a ton, but the info will be much appreciated...
  3. broken rods

    broken rods

  4. broken rod

    broken rod

  5. broken rod

    broken rod