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    Anyways, not long a go I got rid of my Celica and got Pontiac Fiero as a temporary car. Then, I got Nissan 240SX with SR20DET swap. Put LSD, coilovers, and lots of time in it. I'd love to keep it as a second car, however I can't afford another car. And due to S13 daily-drive-ability and other...
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    For those who don't know what ChumpCar is:
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    ...S13 Hatch with SR20DET! I love it. Nothing like FWD 1ZZ. Running 7psi low / 11psi high boost at the moment. Those got to go soon.. I kinda like it but function > form. T28, tune, LSD, Different Exhaust, oil cooler (debating still), wheels, and tint are coming soon.. so do many tires...
1-3 of 3 Results