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  1. Polishing brake rotors?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Was doing some research before doing my rear brakes, and came across Wagner's Tech Tips page, which had some great articles. I wanted to get feedback from real-world experiences regarding some of their advice. I purchased the Raybestos Professional Grade rotors, as they are cheap enough ($35...
  2. trd big brake kit

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    hey guys, i have a 2004 celica gt-s tsunami with a trd big brake kit on it, i found the right replacement pads, but i cant seem to find any rotors that will fit the caliper and the pads, i bought the car used and didnt have to replace the brakes until now the trdusa site shows 411$ per rotor...
  3. 01 gt/gts rotor to 00 gt

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hello fairly new Here I drive an 00 celic gt and I was buying upgrades and replacement parts for my car because there was no upkeep on my car for about 13-14 years and traded my Chevy Malibu as I've always wanted a celica. Now as I was online I've accidentally purchased a 01 gt/gets rotors which...
  4. Front brake rebuild

    Repair & Maintenance
    OK so i have this nagging issue with my direction where the car is pulling to the right, i already got an alignment and I've replaced the bearing and steering knuckle because i broke the original one while i was pressing out the bearings. so anyway while i was putting them back together i guess...
  5. Rear Drum to Disc Conversion Questions/Wanted!

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hi, I have a 00 GT, and unfortunately I am stuck with the nasty Drums and Shoes for the rear brakes. I want to convert them to Disc & caliper mostly for cosmetic purposes seeing as the fronts do 60% of the stopping work anyway. But, I was wondering - - All I need is the Caliper, Caliper...
  6. Brembo Blanks

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hey guys, Been searching through as I am getting ready to replace my brake setup and can't seem to find out if Brembo makes Anti-Corrosion finish blanks? I know that the slotted and cross drilled come with the Anti-Corrosion finish but I can't seem to track down any blanks. At this point these...