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  1. Engine Bay Closeup / GReddy S/C / AEM CAI

    Closeup on my engine bay- 2001 Auto GT-S with AEM CAI and GReddy S/C notable. A few days after install of S/C and day of a fresh wash job. Date - 05 MAR 06
  2. GReddy S/C Closeup

    Tight shot on GReddy S/C and intake manifold (part of the GReddy S/C kit). Date - 05 MAR 06
  3. Engine Bay, 05 Mar 2006

    Hood up looking into engine bay after GReddy SC install.
  4. Driveway, Hood Up, 05 Mar 2006

    Just after GReddy SC install and a wash job with the hood up to show off SC.
1-4 of 4 Results