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  1. Parts For Sale
    I have a raised cf hood scoop that I got from a group buy years ago. Unfortunately I don't remember at this point who made the scoop. From the one test fitting I did before I sold my celica, it fit well. Looking to get $60 plus shipping from 01803.
  2. So Cal Classifieds
    Starting to part out my car.. If you're local and buy multiple items, I'll give a discount. Injen CAI $100 Polished silver color, has a cut in it for a bypass filter. I never used a bypass and just connected it with a 2.75" coupler. Has Carb sticker on it. Includes all install hardware...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Take a look if you are in the market for one -- for an affordable price.
  4. Want To Buy Ads
    hey guys, looking for a stock 03+ front bumper (used is fine for all), interested in various front lips, the later stock amp, raised hood scoop (tsunami or otherwise), and both engine covers in metal. if you want to include shipping, it will be to zip 24401. thankee all!
  5. Want To Buy Ads
    Hi guys. I'm fairly new to newcelica. I've got a silver 00 gt and i'd like to replace the scoop with a black one. I found one on ebay for $65, but it was a little scratched.:confused: Anyone who has replaced theirs with carbon fiber have an extra laying around?
  6. Want To Buy Ads
    Some how my black scoop got cracked. Been searching for a stock replacement and am coming up empty handed. I will consider other colors but hopefully it will be dirt cheap. Willing to pay extra for black ones. Let me know what you got. Shipping would be to 22193.
  7. Parts For Sale
    hey guys, so im trying to get as much money as possible to start my scoop making thing to provide MORE RAISED BEAUTIES to u guys and im selling some spare parts i have. this week is a c-one raised scoop rep for only $100 buckaroos plus shipping OBO.
  8. Fabrication Forum
    hey guys, so i'm thinking about sinking my teeth into the fabrication business, and start off by making hoodscoops, they'll be made of polyU and will come primed and if desired painted (For painting please send color code and allow time, there will be an extra charge, the actual amount i am not...
  9. Want To Buy Ads
    dudes and bettys, if you have a broken celica </3, an extra :D, or just dont want it anymore :eek: spare raised scoop that you would like to graciously sell, (or maybe sell with a trade? idk) pleaseeeee let me know, i want it, i dont really care about the color, but if its black GREAT if not...
  10. Parts For Sale
    selling my *VIS Carbon Fiber Hood Scoop *Great Condition *100% Fitment 130shipped (paypal fees included) Txt me @ 509-630-6557 my paypal is: [email protected]
  11. neons and my underlights

    blue neons behind the grills and hood scoop and 7 color changing led under car kit.
1-11 of 11 Results