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shift knob

  1. OEM style Weighted Shift knob -- 335 grams

    General Discussion
    Hello celica enthusiast We have achieved to fully replicate a toytota JDM oem shift knob and doubled the weight of the knob. oem factory knob is about 170 grams. this knob is 335 grams. This particular knob was intentionally made for the MR2 91-99 sw20. but could also fit on the celicas Is...
  2. Twm weekend sale!!!

    General Discussion
    Hey guys I forgot to post this Friday when I received it, but I got an email from TWM on Friday with a promo code... 15% until 12:00pm tonight! Anyone that is looking for a SS.... normal price $210, with the promo code $183.xx shipping. Now is the time if you want one, save yourself $30. This...
  3. can someone make shift knobs?

    Fabrication Forum
    so im looking for a shiftknob and i see some really nice ones by mishimoto except they are universal and i hate going down that road. so instead im turning to you guys to see if any of you guys can make one like this powdercoated and everything
  4. 6-speed-shift-knob