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  1. 1999 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph

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  2. WTB: 03+ silver door panel, driver seat and headliner

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking to buy: - 03+ driver side door panel with the blackish silver cloth insert - 03+ driver's seat with silver accents - 03+ headliner for car with sunroof
  3. Before Mod Passenger

    Before Mod Passenger

    Saving for some Tein S Techs
  4. Before Mod Driver

    Before Mod Driver

  5. Before Mod Front

    Before Mod Front

    Gotta take the old plate harness off and put some HIDs in
  6. New 94 GT Owner

    Introduction Zone
    Hey all, I just recently bought a 94 GT and plan on making it a sleeper. I've never really worked on a car before so it's gonna be an experience haha. Ill post pictures of it whenever the sun comes back out in Florida and I'm not at work. I'm on a college kid budget, but I do not want to rice it...
  7. FS: 2000 Celica GT 155k Asking $4700

    Cars For Sale
    I've gotta sell my baby. I was given an 09 corolla and couldnt turn it down. Its got 155k miles, no major issues. Throws a cel from time to time but it was due to me changing the spark plugs. Its a p0420. New custom 03 debadged bumper. I got an average of 37 mpg out of it. I'm in the middle of...
  8. WTB: Silver Rear Bumper

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    Looking for stock 1D0 rear bumper painted and in decent shape. I bumped into someone and put a hole in mine...oops. Aftermarket ones are a possibility, as long as they are painted. Thanks!
  9. Painted gauge suround

    Painted gauge suround

    This is the gauges after I painted them, the silver is Toyota Silver No2, the part between the gauges and surround, I painted red but you cant really see as I got it all back in just as it was getting dark
  10. fronty


    front of bridge
  11. moon


    pic of moon
  12. shadow


    shadow mountains
  13. Rivan's GT

    Rivan's GT

  14. Silver Celica Banner

    Silver Celica Banner

  15. Stock Now

    Stock Now

    Almost everything stock now, only aem cai
  16. Sexy Cop / Silver Celica

    Sexy Cop / Silver Celica

  17. The Sequel

    The Sequel

  18. Celica As of May 2006

    Celica As of May 2006

    Very different from one year ago...more mods still coming!
  19. Celica As of May 2006

    Celica As of May 2006

    It has been a year now since I first got the car.
  20. Brand New!

    Brand New!

    First pic of my 2005 Celica GT Auto.