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  1. I'm going to throw my iPad through the fucking window

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    What the fuck is the deal with iOS 7 and why is my iPad functioning like it's got a 533mhz processor and I'm back using a 28.8kbps modem?
  2. Attn: Colin

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    It has come to my attention that your modship skills may be in question. So I am officially putting out myself as the next candidate for Offical Mod of OT: EAYOR. While my campaign won't include smear tactics, I will point out the recent scuffles with the likes of Boothten and Rhodes90 should...
  3. Life

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    Outside of OT, what's going on? Anything new and exciting worth mentioning, or is posting in OT the only excitement in your dreary lives?
  4. BlackBerry outages spread to North America

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    Attn: Marc Article <3 Bryan
  5. Another TSA thread...

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    Flying to Boston in July for a few days and in preparation for a possible pat-down by TSA I'm looking to get a t-shirt or something that would taunt them:confused:. Help me find the right t-shirt or tell me I'm an idiot and will get in trouble. Or just troll the **** out of this thread I don't...
  6. LarryD and nemrac need a Mac

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    I guess somebody stoled their megahurts through the interwebs. Shoulda had a Mac.
  7. snowboarding anyone ?

    USA - Southern California
    anyone down to go snowboarding this coming Saturday @ Mt. High ? would be nice to see old faces again... you know who you are would also be great to see a few Celica's there
  8. Winter is coming...

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    So I pretty much only enjoy the winter season out of all of the seasons. The Spring time gives me massive allergies, the Summer is ****ing hot and humid, and the fall, well I have nothing cool to say about the fall. Winter is where it's at, and I know I'm not alone on this subject. I just...