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  1. Rod Knock sound at cold start

    TL;DR: When you start the cold engine (sometimes) it makes a sound as if the engine has thrown a rod or spun a bearing. Video of the engine making the sound is attached. So about 7-8 months ago my engine (2ZZ-GE) started to make a sound. when i start it when its cold, sometimes (2 times out...
  2. Exhaust Tip

    Appearance Mods
    I bought a cheap $50 exhaust tip/muffler off Ebay. I straight piped my stock muffler and had this muffler tip welded on. It looks great and sounded great for the first 4 months or so, but I now have this horrible rattling noise at about 2-3k rpm's. It is not the hanger, but appears to be...
  3. I need a muffler for my 01 celica gt

    Performance Mods
    i have to put a muffler on back where the exhaust tip is. Only problem is i need a muffler with the inlet and outlet on the same side. i dont want that tin can sound either. anyone know where i can get a good cheap on like a flowmaster knock off or something? im trying to do this as cheap as i...
  4. clunking noise passenger strut:( help

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    So my right passenger strut makes this popping clunking bad sound. it was pretty subtle when it started but then after i jacked the car up for an oil change the clunking got worse. It only happens at low speeds below 30mph? i want to say. also turning the wheel doesn't affect the clunking...
  5. '02 Toyota Celica GT Making weird sound..

    Advanced Technical Discussion
    I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced any of this, or give me some good advice on how to look further, or maybe tell me what the problem is if you already know. I am currently Active Duty Army, and PCSing soon to go from South Carolina, to Oklahoma, and would like to get this resolved...