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  1. Repair & Maintenance
    Hey y'all, I just bought a 2000 Celica GT and I've encountered a slight problem. My speedometer, odometer, and rpm gauges aren't working. AC works fine, gas gauge works and is accurate, but those gauges just aren't working. They were working when I drove the car out of the seller's driveway, but...
  2. Repair & Maintenance
    I have an issue where the instrument cluster (tach, spedo, fuel, temp, door open indicator, etc) and AC stop working. It only happens under the following conditions and can be reproduced easily. All fuses have been check and are OK. No Gauges Remove and replace Multi-Fuse 20 (which is new...
  3. Want To Buy Ads
    wtb: gt auto speedometer -looking for inexpensive & high miles ok as long as it works I am looking for an inexpensive GT automatic speedometer any miles any cosmetic condition as long as it works... pm me your info and number so we xan confirm everything via TEXT
  4. So Cal Classifieds
    Need a little extra cash for some work so I decided to part with these great mods and poem parts. 1. Apr c.f. mirrors - $150 2. Gt-s manual speedometer/gauge cluster with led mod trd tac conversion - $250 3. Oem 2003+ tail lights $140.00 4. Oem leather shift knob - $60.00 5.passenger side...
  5. Appearance Mods
    :wiggle::wiggle: My Touchscreen Speedometer Build :wiggle::wiggle: Okay, so Im back again to tear up my Celica and try out some more ideas. This time i wanted to convert my speedometer gauge to more of a digital look. Check My build vids on this project: Part 1(obvious where I start the...
  6. General Discussion
    its been a while that this has been happening, my speedometer and my mileage counter stopped working, and for some reason my car is really loud, and vibrates as i accelerate, im not sure if its when i drive for a long time or when i drive over a big bump that my speedometer needle will begin to...
1-6 of 6 Results