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  1. 2000-2004 Celica Veilside Spoiler Carbon Fiber 4 sale

    Parts For Sale
    This is off my celica. Genuine from Veliside...paid $800 shipped Asking only $300 plus whatever it costs to ship to me about it at [email protected] I will send you pics of it. The spoiler has sun damage but a quick wet sand and clear coat or painted to match car and...
  2. FS: OEM spoiler

    Parts For Sale
    Prefer Local pickup $60 for local pickup, $80 willing to ship not sure how much shipping will be. no scratches, great condition. Except for the fact that there's a little watermark i'm guessing on the last picture.
  3. FS TRD wing, Seibon CF scoop, BB Mod, Diamond plate floor mats, Cargo cover, airbox

    Parts For Sale
    Crashed my 2001 silver celica GTS then sold it about a month ago. all parts are off this car. Here is what i have left from the. Prices dont include the cost of shipping. I will consider reasonable offers. Authentic TRD Adjustable wing- $350 Great condition. has 3rd break light...
  4. Spoiler Delete

    Spoiler Delete

    Removed rear spoiler for a cleaner look
  5. 560a2265


    Goodyear eagle response edge tires
  6. 560a2140


  7. 560a2137


  8. 560a1972


    New carbon fiber side scoops
  9. 2005 spoiler

    2005 spoiler

  10. new spoiler

    new spoiler

  11. 560a04411


  12. 560a0440


    Stock 2001 spoiler reversed
  13. Img_0508