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  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys! I'm new here (as of 20 min ago), but have been following threads for about a year now anonymously. I recently got my license and am FINALLY able to drive my car. About 5 months ago I purchased a White 2001 Celica GT for about a quarter of what their selling for thanks to my inside...
  2. Wheel & Tire Forum
    I want to get spacers for my wheels. SInce i lowered my car but the tires are sunk in. Specially the rear. Not alot but don't like how it looks. I have 18x7.5 Mrr gt1 wheels. With 38 offset. I am lowered 1.5 inches. Please tell me what size should i run for better stance
  3. So Cal Classifieds
    axis super penta 18x8 35et on 2 khumo & 2 sumitomo 225-40-18 60% tread -$500 locals Up for sale are my silver with polished lip axis super penta 18x8 rims with 35 offset on 5x100 bolt pattern and 225-40-18 tires in good shape 2 front khumos and 2 rears sumitomo recently balanced. Moving up to...
  4. Introduction Zone
    Looking for sideskirts for my celica, LA area anyone know of any good spots or someone that is selling a pair! plz PM me, thanks!
  5. Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Hi everyone, so I've been noticing this weird camber/stance when i look at my car from the back. Before i get new wheels I wanna know if this is normal or it should be fixed? And how can i fix this? Oh and as for spacers/adapters, how many mm should i get looking at these pics make my rear look...
  6. Fabrication Forum
    note: my guide is for aggressive setups that will be running similar specs to mine. less aggressive setups (0 camber, no stretch, etc) follow the chart at the bottom. step 1: DO YOUR RESEARCH! self explanatory... many wheels specs, tire stretch, etc. have been discussed. dont be lazy people...
1-6 of 6 Results