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  1. USA - Southern California
    LIL MINI fishing meet! burgers, beer & fishing... saturday! at leg lake.. this is not the larger meet thats going on next month... just if anyone wants to fish or come chill? time: 8am beer: shock top 1. Dojaguy 2. 310celicagt2003 2. jalos (maybe)
  2. USA - Southern California
    meet at legg lake on the 24th of june... its a sunday... figure we can bbq and do some fishing. If your down to come and want to bring something send me a pm or post here... park is located off the 60 freeway and rosemead... you can see it off the freeway who else is down to chill? UPDATE...
  3. USA - Southern California
    Anybody know a shop that does carbon fiber overlay around socal? I wanted to get some pieces done. Thanks!
  4. USA - Southern California
    Its been a while since we've gathered up so I decided to throw a little meet. Last 626 meet was chill so I say we hit up another round. When: Friday Feb.25th Time: 8pm- whenever Location: -West Covina Mall/ Red Robins - Then head out for some bowling -675...
  5. Appearance Mods
    Hey guys, is anyone out there interested in the vvtL-i badges that once circled the forum? I can have them done, any interest? this is more towards the GT-S guys but if the GT want vvt-i I can work with that as well, let me know if any one is interested
  6. Readers Rides
    My friend decided to practice some HDR techniques on my car, here's what has come out of it. You be the judge :) Sorry for low res, I'll try to get some originals later. I already got some spacers to fix that lol
1-7 of 9 Results