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  1. 7th gen celica front right suspension "clunk"

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2003 Celica GT, the front right has a clunk and i have spent hours trying to figure out what is causing it, it sounds like the sway bar link but i have replaced them and they are tight. i am at a loss for what it could be. It has Raceland coil overs in the front and i have used a pry...
  2. Suspension, 03+ bumper with lip, 03+ tails, OEM alarm....

    Parts For Sale
    I have some parts laying around that I need to get rid of so I can afford to paint my new bumpers. Stagg Struts w/ Lowering springs: I read somewhere that Stagg was a branch company of KYB but idk if that is 100% true. The ride quality is pretty good, slightly stiffer than stock. The lowering...
  3. Celica Coilover help!

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    What's up guys I have an 01 gt and I need help deciding what to purchase for coil overs. I have about $1000 to spend and not sure which brand to get? I heard BCs were very good but those are my whole budget. There is also Megan racing ez coil overs and cxracing coilovers that go for around $700...
  4. Suspension components.....

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Ok guys......finly decided to go with lowering the car.... 2000 Gt, i need to know ALL the components i need to order for a 1.4" and 2" drop.. Im planning to order my parts at the end of the month.. Thanx in advance.....
  5. Suspension Help Please

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I'm looking to do some big work to my suspension soon on my 2000 Celica GTS. I'm doing KYB AGX struts in the front and the KYB AGX shocks in the back. That much i have buttoned down. I'm still deciding on my springs though and would love the opinions of those who have gone through this process...
  6. Steering Wheel Stuck & Turns Itself

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I have a 2000 auto gt. As the title says, something in my steering is messed up. Driving is relatively smooth, no excessive shaking or over steering at any speeds. However, when I make a U-turn or turn out of a parking space, once I make a full 360 degree turn with the wheel (either way) just as...
  7. Horn stopped working/Suspension problems

    Repair & Maintenance
    My first problem is my horn stopped working. I don't use it too often and I tried to about a week ago but it no longer works. I popped the hood and I can hear the horn relay clicking when I press on the horn. This makes me think the horn is just no good but my cruise and airbag light have been...
  8. Stopping Noise

    Repair & Maintenance
    I've noticed that my car makes a popping noise when I come to a stop. It sucks because it happens very often but I can't replicate it when I try to show people. It sounds like it's coming from below the car. It almost sounds like something is snapping in to place. Anyone know what it could be or...
  9. Stock Suspension

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking to buy stock suspension. Struts, springs and upper mounts. Let me know. :wiggle: Thanks, AZgts
  10. BC BR 5/6 kg/mm coilovers installed

    Suspension & Brake Tuning
    I did what I was always afraid of. To lower it. Well, now it is flush. Pictures of car on Monday, when i wash it and do alignment. First impression. I though it would be WAAAYYY stiffer but its not.. It is actually great and qualifies for a daily driver!!! Soon good photos of car and review. On...
  11. Confused about Celica Cambers

    Introduction Zone
    I've had my Celica for about 5 months. I haven't done anything major too it, but recently I've been thinking about lowering my car and maybe do a freshening on the suspension. I was going to Get Illumina Tokico Shocks with TEIN lowing springs. But I've been told I might as well change the...
  12. WTB aftermarket rear camber links

    Want To Buy Ads
    pm me price and pics.
  13. Rear Springs/Struts

    Rear Springs/Struts

    H and R springs with KYB adjustable out back..