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  1. '03 Vibe Engine Swap into '00 Celica GT

    Introduction Zone
    Hello, I'm new here. I want to know from a professional person who has done this before. So I have a 2000 Toyota Celica with a blown engine and I want to put a 2003 Pontiac Vibe engine into it. So like I said before I need a Professional output on this on someone who has done this before and...
  2. GTS rear brake swap!!

    Parts For Sale
    GTS rear brake swap includes: 2x e-brake system 2x rotor 2x calipers 4x brake pads (in good shape, 2 pairs) 2x e-brake cables 1x hub New hubs can be purchased for $40 shipped for a pair on a lot of websites. Asking $280 shipped within the US. (Keep in mind that shipping is $70 since they're...
  3. WTB: GT-S Midpipe

    Want To Buy Ads
    Looking to purchase OEM GT-S midpipe with flexpipe, cat, and resonator intact. Can pick up anywhere in South Florida only. If you like stories: Wife has '00 GT Auto and I purchased a '00 GTS 6MT with blown engine to pull parts. Ended up putting the 1zz in the GTS and it ran great for several...
  4. 03+ black interior swap

    Parts For Sale
    I have the full interior swap available. I have the dash, knobs and just about everything that was different on the 03+ interiors. Only things I don't have are the passenger airbag and the cargo tray. Other than that I have everything front to back and everything is in great shape. Everything is...
  5. LNF swap?

    Fabrication Forum
    I've been seeing that people have stuffed this engine into anything from a miata to a jeep, so would it fit in our celicas? on a scale from 2zz swap to the suprica how much custom fab would this take because these engines are all over the place. If it fits my biggest concern is the electronics...
  6. What's the part? Help with interior swap

    General Discussion
    I come seeking help! I'm in the middle of a large sound deadening and interior swap process, and my 03+ interior has been sitting in my parts room for quite some time. So, oddly enough, I seem to have forgotten what some of the smaller bits and pieces are supposed to do :blah:. That's where you...
  7. Lift Troubleshooting

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey everyone. First off, if I am posting in the wrong section, MOD please pardon my mistake and put this where it needs to be. Last year the engine failed in my 03 GT so I decided it was a good idea to upgrade and install a 2zz w/ 6spd trans. About a year later, the swap is finally almost...
  8. Auto to manual transmission swap

    General Discussion
    I have an automatic '01 Celica GT. I found a 5 speed transmission on Craigslist and I was wondering how difficult it would be to swap them out? Also, would I need to get anything else besides the transmission?
  9. GT an GTS Gauge cluster interchangeable?

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hee Guys I was wondering if the gauge cluster of a GTS would work in my GT? I know the difference between the prefacelift and the facelift versions I've got a facelift And the GTS cluster I would be getting is also a facelift So no problems on that side But would the GTS cluster work properly...
  10. Fml

    General Discussion
    So turns out the engine is supposedly gone bad, for one reason or another, I went to the mechanic bluebomber recommended and he said there was a lot of noise/chatter coming from the engine and could possibly need a FULL rebuild. He quoted 1700 just for labor, he said a used engine would be a...
  11. Transmission swap possible?

    Introduction Zone
    Okay, I live in Oklahoma, and there are literally NO celica GT-S' for sale here. When I finally did find one, a 2001, it was in automatic, and I bought it. I am making payments on it and don't think I could sell it for more than what I owe. I'm going to be with this car for at least 5 years, and...
  12. 2ZZ-GE with low miles $1400 So Cal locals get 1st dibz - SOLD!

    So Cal Classifieds
    As some of you guys might remember my old whip was wrecked/rear ended. I salvaged everything under the hood including my low mile 2zz-ge block. It was my second block off a xrs. when I bought it it had 40,000 miles. I added another 30k for a total of 70k miles. need it gone asap! ASKING $1400
  13. WTB 1ZZ-FE and install near Orlando

    Want To Buy Ads
    It's a sad day. The day before Thanksgiving and my engine blows from my 2000 Celica :( It has been my baby for years now and I'm not letting go. I'm currently attending UCF in Orlando and I'm hoping to find someone close that could find and install a new engine in my car. I've found a couple...
  14. Swapping c56 for a c60 this weekend, what to expect?

    Performance Mods
    so im swapping trannys this weekend, going for the 6spd and im really excited. what are some benefits, (pros and cons) to expect. also would this allow my celi to go faster( achieve greater speeds) due to the extra gear, since the celis have a rev limiter instead of a speed governor? would this...
  15. !urgent! - 2ZZ-GE swap, one tube left alone and no hose to it, need help!

    Performance Mods
    As i wrote: there is a tube standing in the middle of nothing, just next to the battery. It seems awful lot like a fuel return line but we're unsure if it should be connected to something, and we can't remember disconnecting something from this tube. Can somebody tell me what the hell is this...
  16. 2ZZ swap & tune in progress. Some questions.

    Performance Mods
    Ok, long story short: I found a wrecked celica with RHD in a car morgue in Bulgaria. Engine was in the trunk, completely separated every piece. The owner said it spun a rod bearing while it was in England and then they opened the engine to fix it but never got to actually doing it. The price...
  17. WTB: 1ZZ-FE engine

    Want To Buy Ads
    My engine's been chugging oil since I bought the car then some (valve?) ticking developed over that past few months. It got really bad on wednesday with grinding, loud ticking and engine shaking so I just pulled over. The car is not quite driveable but I still haven't checked what's busted...
  18. HELP! 2ZZ Wiring Connector Questions

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Can someone help me figure out what these connectors are? I’m really trying to learn my way around this engine; this is waay more different than a carbureted small block Chevy. I’m not sure if I have an arrow pointing to them or not, but can someone please point out where the TPS and knock...
  19. 2JZ powered...Everything

    All Other Models
    2JZ powered Volvo 240 Supra powered Volvo 240 . It's the first time I've seen a 240 with a 2JZ, usually Volvo enthusiasts in the US transplant a Chevy LS crate engine. Anyways, I like it. A lot.