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  1. Parts For Sale
    SOLD FOR SALE: rare set of 04/05 Celica Tsunami Tails (used) that have been custom tinted from the usual chrome to a dark chrome with black trim. $300. shipped (within the U.S.) Overall condition is good with no major damages or broken bolts and the taillights are fully functional. Cosmetic...
  2. Want To Buy Ads
    I'm looking to buy a pair of Tsunami tail lights. Must be in excellent condition. no broken tabs. hit me up if you have a pair for sale. PM or text me. 678.389.5828
  3. Parts For Sale
    I have a set of 03+ tails, rear strut, quick release fender fasteners, and gts rhd pedals. The pedals work on lhd, the gas pedal just needs to be switched with your original. Comes with all the bulbs and foam gaskets. I'm in Downtown Orlando. Would like to keep the strut bar local. 03 tails...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Well I have decided to switch to tyc tails so my led spec D tails will be for sale. They are in like new condition with no visible scratches and are only a couple months old. Would like to get about 150 for them. Costed 250 new from carid.
  5. Appearance Mods
    i have recently modified my tail lights because someone decided to smash them so i took advantage of the situation and painted them and changes the indicator led's to amber. But now im in a bit of trouble trying to make a clear lens to cover the tail lights so they are road legal does anyone...
  6. Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Well i got these led tail lights a few months ago for free so i tried them out and noticed that the indicator is red which in my state/country is illegal so instead of selling them and buying new ones i decided i should just dis-assemble the tail lights and change the led's, so i bought these...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Used them for about a year (2003-2004), then bought from someone on here a tinted OEM set. They have usual wear for about two years, no major issues and have been stored well. Taking offers, so let me know how much you're willing to go with. Take into consideration I'm in Alaska, so flat-rate...
  8. Parts For Sale
    good condition, no cracks, will polish before shipping. $140 shipped in the US.
  9. Parts For Sale
    Selling stock taillights (tinted with tinting liquid and clear coated) *nice subtle tint (not over done) *high Shine finish Private message me with offers, im not sure what to ask for these my cell is: 509-630-6557 Paypal: [email protected]
1-10 of 10 Results