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  1. TRD JDM Rear Light Cluster

    Parts For Sale
    For Sale I have a Pair of super rare and really sought after TRD JDM rear lights. These are very similar to the tsunami rear lights but have slightly less red and are much harder to come by. These have been discontinued for over a decade and cannot be bought new. They are in really good...
  2. My mini Garage sale

    Parts For Sale
    Hey guys :wave: I finally got around to taking pictures of a few extra things I had laying in my attic. All the items listed are OBO +shipping and I'm open to trades as well. I'll probably be posting up a few more things this weekend. Also I prefer not to ship the lip or wing because of its...
  3. TYC Reds!

    Parts For Sale
    Hey everyone, this is my very first time posting on newcelica so hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong here, but anyway, I have a pair of TYC reds up for sale. I don't have the original box or any extended harness, but as most of you know, your current stock wire lengths should all reach their...
  4. Spec D tails

    Parts For Sale
    Well I have decided to switch to tyc tails so my led spec D tails will be for sale. They are in like new condition with no visible scratches and are only a couple months old. Would like to get about 150 for them. Costed 250 new from carid.
  5. Want to trade: Tyc reds for tyc black housing tail lamps

    So Cal Classifieds
  6. Want to trade: Tyc reds for tyc black housing tail lamps

    Parts For Sale
    I want black housing tyc tail lights... willing to trade for a set of red tyc tails.
  7. New led tail lights design ??? Check them out...

    Appearance Mods
    Was doing a lil ebay surfing when I ran into these LED tail lights. They are completely different from those ugly bubble benz LED tails. Check them out ..... What do you guys think??? Here is the ebay link...
  8. Misc. Parts for Sale

    Parts For Sale
    Hey guys here's a list of stuff i need to get rid of. nothing special. mostly stock extras. VERY UNSURE of shipping costs, as these will be the first things I sell on here. if someone can give me tips on how to find shipping costs i will be very thankful! anyways, lets begin>>> Front bumper...
  9. TYC black smoked taillights

    Parts For Sale
    I have a pair of TYC black taillights that have been blacked out. Looks very nice. They have some light scratches, but they're in great shape. Asking $150 shipped anywhere in the US.