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throttle body

  1. Another high idle / IACV question (with a twist)

    Repair & Maintenance
    Sorry - this one requires a bit of background info. A while back, I saw a number of posts discussing cleaning the throttle body (I was having issues with the car lagging intermittently when cold). When I checked mine (2002 Celica GT-S, about 196,000 km at the time), it was very dirty, so I...
  2. Throttle Body Stalling Out Car when I come to a Stop

    Repair & Maintenance
    I am in the process of buying a 2004 Toyota Celica GTS in pretty good condition. Unfortunately it really has only one big issue and the owner doesn't know what caused it and isn't willing to find out since it wouldn't make financial sense on their end. Understandable, but I don't want to get...
  3. HELP! Exhaust dripping gas and white smoke

    Repair & Maintenance
    My car has been idling really rough lately so I decided to do some cleaning. I took off the throttle body and cleaned it with throttle body cleaner (the whole inside was black) and then dried it off. I put it back in the car, started it up and now my exhaust is putting out a HUGE cloud of white...
  4. Goat custom throttle body

    Goat custom throttle body

    Photo of the custom 80mm throttle body fitted on the VisionFunction elbow casting. This casting was modified and ported in order for the 80mm throttle body to fit.