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  1. GARAGE SALE; bunch of random Parts valve covers TRD fog light covers tail lights etc

    Parts For Sale
    Up for grabs are a ton of parts I have still left over from my previous builds these parts have about 30,000 miles. I have interior parts I have a couple of engine parts such as alternators starters and other parts I will be updating this post or creating a new one for soon once I pulled out the...
  2. Throtte Position Sensor driving me crazy! HELP

    Repair & Maintenance
    OK so I posted here a few weeks ago describing some issues I have been having with my 2000 Celica GT Auto. Poor acceleration/bogging down, High idle at cold start 2k+ and low idle once warmed up. The car just isn't acting normal at all. Ive replaced many many things including: -MAF sensor...
  3. WTB: throttle valve/body

    Want To Buy Ads
    i need a throttle body for a 2005 celica gts 2zzge, needs to be an electric throttle, my car isnt giving power it doesent go over 1.5 RPM, i need to replace this part, please let me know what you have, and please add pictures
  4. WTB: Throttle Cable

    Want To Buy Ads
    During my recent install of my intake manifold and throttle body, a freak accident happened, and my throttle cable snapped. I only need the part that connects to the pulley by the passenger headlight, than connects to the throttle body! Thanks, Doug.:wiggle: