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  1. Wheel & Tire Forum
    I bought a set of these for my stock 16" GT-S wheels last week. I got them installed over the weekend and I have to say that I'm satisfied with them. I bought them in a 205 55 16 size. These tires are amazingly quiet, improved my ride comfort, and have great grip. The only downside is that they...
  2. Wheel & Tire Forum
    I figured that this is the best place to see what everyone else thinks of Bernie becoming a moderator of the Wheel & Tire forum. Even though I have a good idea how the votes will go, go ahead and submit your choice in the poll and maybe it will finally happen. After all, I think that it is long...
  3. Wheel & Tire Forum
    So i was planning on moving from my standard 16" rims to 18" (7,5 J, Offset +35). However the website i was going to order them from advised me to use 225/35 R18 tires. Upon investigating i soon found out that this tiresize is very uncommon and hella expensive! So i was strolling around on this...
1-3 of 3 Results