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  1. wheel help!?!?!?!?! newbie

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    Does any know if a wheel 18 x 8 with a 215/35 18 tire will fit my 2003 celica dropped 2 inches with perfect alignment????????
  2. axis super penta 18x8 35et on 2 khumo & 2 sumitomo 225-40-18 60% tread -$500 locals

    So Cal Classifieds
    axis super penta 18x8 35et on 2 khumo & 2 sumitomo 225-40-18 60% tread -$500 locals Up for sale are my silver with polished lip axis super penta 18x8 rims with 35 offset on 5x100 bolt pattern and 225-40-18 tires in good shape 2 front khumos and 2 rears sumitomo recently balanced. Moving up to...
  3. is this a good setup?

    General Discussion
    hi guys! need help. im totally new from these. i got stock 2000 celica gt. i want to know if this setup is good, bad or what? thanks... Tein S.Tech Tokico HP blues or kyb gr2? (1.4 - 1.5 drop will be fine) Enkei EV5 Bronze 18" x 7.5" 38mm or 45mm? (will 38mm hit the fenders?) BFGoodrich g-Force...
  4. Wheel offset / spacers with 1.4" drop question

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    I know this has been rehashed on here quite a bit, but I wanted to get some feedback specific to my purchases. I'm about to order a set of Tokico S.Techs with Tein springs (1.4" drop from a kit on ebay for $512 shipped), and also wanted to upgrade wheels/tires at the same time. Looking at a...
  5. Selling my celi :'( so here are some extras

    Parts For Sale
    okay, so for now, i have a couple things, not to interesting right now because most of the aftermarket stuff i got are staying on the car. so the couple things i have to offer ATM are as followed. C-one hood scoop (replica): $50 plus shipping (shouldnt be more than 10 bucks) front and rear...
  6. China's New Colored Tires

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    China Introduces Colored Tires Ricing will reach new heights with these colored tires.
  7. Moving to bigger rims...

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    So i was planning on moving from my standard 16" rims to 18" (7,5 J, Offset +35). However the website i was going to order them from advised me to use 225/35 R18 tires. Upon investigating i soon found out that this tiresize is very uncommon and hella expensive! So i was strolling around on this...
  8. FS (no. va): 4 new Yokohama TRZ Rims, comes with free Celica GT Rims

    Parts For Sale
    Up for sale is a set of brand new TRZ. retails for $84 each. right now there's a $40 rebate: 84 x 4 = 336 - 40 = $296 Asking $250 for all 4 new tires that come with a...
  9. THE PARTOUT CONTINUES : 17" GOLD SPORTMAXX 962 32 offset Rims!!

    So Cal Classifieds
    NEXT UP MY GOLD SPORTMAXX 962 17" 32 OFFSET:marky: tire size 335/45/17 front 60% trad & rear 30% a couple scratches 9 out of 10 condition. These were rim of the year a couple years back;) asking $650:wiggle: Uploaded with Uploaded with
  10. Rim and Tire Help

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    Okay so i am picking up a used set of rims and tires but before i do i wanted to make sure that they will fit okay. I have a 2000 Celica GT. The rims are 18" MSR 5x100/5x114.3 (universal) The tires are P235/40/18 Falken Ziex Summer Tires Also if you think they are going to rub what do i need...
  11. Less unsprung wt. or bigger contact patch

    Wheel & Tire Forum
    I am planning on buying Enkei RPF1 wheels (lightest I can find that are streetable), and Toyo Proxes T1R tires (best reviews I've read for what I want). I'm hesitating between 16" x 7 1/2" low offset with 225 x45 ZR16s which have a smaller contact patch, but are about 4 lb lighter per corner...
  12. 560a2265


    Goodyear eagle response edge tires
  13. Rim 2

    Rim 2

    Another shot of my rim
  14. Rim Shot

    Rim Shot

    A picture of my rims
  15. Hot Import Daze - Toyo Tires Booth

    Hot Import Daze - Toyo Tires Booth

    Hot Import Daze - October 2004 San Mateo Toyo Tires Booth