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  1. Different axle lengths- transmission swap

    Repair & Maintenance
    hi everybody, I'm new to this forum, and was looking for some help. I have gotten info from here many times before but couldnt find this anywhere... I have a 2002 celica gt that I 2ZZ swapped with the C60 trans. My trans began popping out of 6th gear, so i bought a 2000 GTS with a blown motor...
  2. FS: MWR Rods + Pistons + Springs + 6 SPEED Tranny

    Parts For Sale
    Selling some stuff. Rods and pistons came from an old turbo build that failed. Rods could be probably be reconditioned but are in OK shape and pistons are in good shape with no issues. Rods: $420 XD OBO Pistons $320 shipped OBO Too lazy to install the 6-speed so the first $450 OBO takes...
  3. 2002 Silver Celica GT Part Out

    Parts For Sale
    Parting out my GT. Bone stock. Engine is dead, has fatal valve train problems and oil burning issue. Manual transmission is in great shape and oe clutch has only 2k miles on it. Bottom part of the front bumper has been poorly resprayed. Right rear quarter is dented. Power windows, ac, no action...
  4. New Southbend Stage 3 Clutch

    Parts For Sale
    New Southbend Stage 3 Clutch OFE custom made $600 shipped. Kept in box, never used... even has the stickers still! Should be good for 2000-2003 models. I'm basing (and undercutting) the pricing off their current daily stage 3 clutch. and if the image doesn't work:
  5. C60 Question

    General Discussion
    First, thanks for all of the excellent info you have made available. This forum has been a big help to me recently in dealing with my wife's Celica issues. We are replacing the MT in her 2002 GT with a used C60 we purchased. After reading some of the posts here I would like to find that the...
  6. A clutch for 800 ft-lb of torque and strengthening the C60 transmission

    Performance Mods
    Done Got everything I need here.
  7. Transmission Whine?

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the site, glad to be part of the Celica Crew. I'm a bit of a newbie, but huge on research. I've researched this issue as best as I could with no prevail, so here goes: I have a 00' Celica GT-S Automatic with Tiptronic. Earlier this month a whine-like...
  8. GT-S M mode transmission in a 2000 gt

    General Discussion
    Can it be done? I've seen threads about the c60 on a 1zz, but I'm not too sure about the extra parts that may be needed to put the M mode transmission in or if it will even bolt up. Junkyard by me got one in with 125k on it and they want next to nothing for it so I was intrested in the conversion.
  9. What tool needed to remove transmission drain plug?

    General Discussion
    I have an 02 gt auto celica. I was replacing my tranny fluid and I wasn't sure how to remove the drain plug so I ended up using the supply line from the tranny to the radiator to remove the fluids out. I'm just a little confused on it since it had a hexbolt pattern in the center and the 24mm...
  10. Auto transmission metal shavings....

    Repair & Maintenance
    I have a 2000 gt, stock tranny has about 205k on it and I flushed my tranny this weekend to find some metal shavings in my fluid. Sometimes in the morning when the car hasn't had a chance to warm up the shifts will kind of hesitate for a second but only in between 3rd and 4th. After about 5...
  11. Very worried about my tranny 02 GT-S 6 speed

    General Discussion
    Hey guys its been a while since my last post. I wanted to ask you guys for your opinions on some things I am experiencing with my transmission. I have had the car for about 7-8 months now and I've put on 11,000 miles, now it's at 144,445. I still have much trouble shifting smoothly. I have a...
  12. Auto to manual transmission swap

    General Discussion
    I have an automatic '01 Celica GT. I found a 5 speed transmission on Craigslist and I was wondering how difficult it would be to swap them out? Also, would I need to get anything else besides the transmission?
  13. C60 Transmission Question

    General Discussion
    What's up, Got a quick question that's been bugging me lately, but I'll find out one way or another. Here's the scenario: Purchased a 20v Blacktop 4AGE for my AE86 that came with motor, harness, and FWD transmission (Came in the AE111 corollas, not available stateside) Decided I would...
  14. Would I have to drop the transmission to replace the Clutch?

    Introduction Zone
    I have a 2000 Toyota Celica Gt Manual and was wondering if I am able to just lift the car and remove the transmission plate to get to the clutch or would I have to remove it completely? Any advice, videos and/or Pics would help. Thank you.
  15. I am new to manual cars... Do I use Transmission Fluid or Gear oil in my transmission

    Introduction Zone
    I have a 2000 Toyota Celica GT with 147,xxx miles and my car is making a noise under the hood. Its not loud but its noticeable. I hear it in neutral but when I press the clutch in, it goes away. So I am figuring that its the pilot bearing or just my clutch is going bad. I need help with that...
  16. Transmission Leak

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hello. I've been visting this site for about a year and have had no reason to post up till now. I own a 2001, 6 speed Toyota Celica GT-S. Two weeks ago I slid my car in to a curb, broke both front rims, and my front right side steering knuckle. After the crash my gear oil leaked out and I...
  17. local sale c60 , trd exhaust, 03 tails

    DC Metro Area
    thanks to an asshole that ran a relight ... I have a c60 6 speed manual trans-axle about 30k miles, I have receipts from the dealership and mileage of install and removal also available to provide to the buyer. No issues with this transmission, no grinds . Shifts smoothly . I also have a...
  18. Fidanza, Southbend, and Transmission misc.

    Parts For Sale
    Selling the items in the pictures. Please give offers for the various items you see. All parts are for a manual transmission. :D Brand "New": Fidanza Short Throw Shifter Southbend Custom Ceramic/Feramic Stage 3 Clutch Flywheel: Fidanza Flywheel Had these parts for awhile, and instead of...
  19. Transmission swap possible?

    Introduction Zone
    Okay, I live in Oklahoma, and there are literally NO celica GT-S' for sale here. When I finally did find one, a 2001, it was in automatic, and I bought it. I am making payments on it and don't think I could sell it for more than what I owe. I'm going to be with this car for at least 5 years, and...
  20. 2003 Celica GT part out

    Parts For Sale
    i will sell the car as whole if someone makes a good offer but otherwise I need to wait 4 to 5 weeks before i start ripping the car apart, but its a 2003 celica gt widebody kit silver. its in good conditon all around besides the engine died and some cosmetic damage to the front bumper and...