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  1. Varis Gen7

    Varis Gen7

    Supercharged Gen7 with Varis Kit
  2. All of the awards

    Readers Rides
    Go to me, I win troll of the year or something. [expired photo] So yeah, this is my NSX. :chuckles: To Do List: -Coilovers for moar low -Spacers -I'd like go get a complete new paint job, I'm thinking Grand Prix White or Championship White... :wave:
  3. Used JDM parts: C-One - TRD - Toyota Japan

    Vendor Sales and Group Purchases
    These and other items are available FROM JAPAN as used and sometimes new; some prices are more favorable than others so sometimes I don't bother advertising. Pics will be posted up for serious inquiries(there are just far too many pictures). Prices can change daily, so prices on the listed...
  4. JDM Sidemarker GB Interest Thread

    Appearance Mods
    Hey guys! I was wondering who would be interested in a group buy of authentic JDM sidemarkers(Amber of course). The price would be 70$ SHIPPED to the lower 48 states and includes a Varis JDM Charity Decal. The decals may come from KamiSpeed or directly from Varis. Either way each decal gives...
  5. Varis Charity Decal: Proceeds Directly to Charity

    Vendor Sales and Group Purchases
    Hey Guys, due to customer demand we decided to offer the Varis Charity Decals: Varis has made these special Charity Decals to support the affected areas in Japan from the Earthquake. We are taking pre-orders for these decals, in which all proceeds will be donated to the Japan Red Cross to...
  6. New Varis ZERO!

    New Varis ZERO!

    Here's a chop I did. I think I will go and do this scheme. I've been in love with this color back in 2003. It's one awesome color that I was lucky enough to find for an MR2. Now I want my Celica to match.
  7. Varis Low - //ZERO

    Varis Low - //ZERO

    Chopped. Looks good though, right?
  8. rep repaint side

    rep repaint side

  9. rsp repaint front

    rsp repaint front

  10. Rise of the Phoenix: Mugen no Zero

    Rise of the Phoenix: Mugen no Zero

    Kamen no Hollow. The old Hollow Varis front, complete with stitches.
  11. Rise of the Phoenix: Mugen no Zero

    Rise of the Phoenix: Mugen no Zero

    A few adjustments here and there and it'll look better.
  12. Rise of the Phoenix: Mugen no Zero

    Rise of the Phoenix: Mugen no Zero

    Back again is the Varis front. This is my second Varis front. Bought from xbcyl. Headlights are now clear, bought from Celicajonz's 04 GT-S.
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