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  1. TRD, Tsunami, Veilside, Injen, OEM & MORE!!!

    Parts For Sale
    Prices are before shipping. Basic shipping prices (GREYHOUND ONLY) are $80 for a bumper, $65 for side skirts, not too sure on the seats, everything else can be shipped via fedex/ups/usps. You can text me at 631/881/4793 for a quicker response but I will be checking PM's here every day or two...
  2. Wtb: Authentic veilside front bumper

    Want To Buy Ads
    I'm looking for a genuine VEILSIDE EC1 front bumper for my 2000 CELICA GT. It's fine if it has some minor damage or a lot of wear to it. I can get it repaired as long as it's not too heavily damaged (like broken in half or something like that). I have cash on hand and can pay for it immediately...
  3. Lyall style celly

    Lyall style celly

    Bat mobile in CT, 2013 GT
  4. My 1st Celica [RIP]

    My 1st Celica [RIP]

    Rockin the Veilside body kit <3
  5. Carbon Fiber Spolier

    Parts For Sale
    CF Veilside Spoiler This is off my Celica, needs a shot of clear coat...text me if interested...862-324-1349 $350+shipping
  6. 2000-2004 Celica Veilside Spoiler Carbon Fiber 4 sale

    Parts For Sale
    This is off my celica. Genuine from Veliside...paid $800 shipped Asking only $300 plus whatever it costs to ship to me about it at [email protected] I will send you pics of it. The spoiler has sun damage but a quick wet sand and clear coat or painted to match car and...
  7. Veilside Replica Front Bumper

    Nor Cal Classifieds
    Got this sitting around in the backyard. Need to make room and can use the gas money. Please make me an offer. Condition: Pretty much new. Just needs to be painted.
  8. Veilside


    My 2001 Celica GTS. Mostly cosmetic. It does have an AEM cold air intake, port and micro polished head, custom split exhaust, and racing piston rings. The port and polished head made a huge difference. Especially since I had to rebuild the engine because of a spun bearing. Not cool Toyota!!!
  9. veilside celica

    veilside celica

    ma authentic veilside celic. with trd wing authentic veilside bodykit w/ house of color candy apple red (the darkest candy apple i could find) clear trd gas door an lid an about an extra 10 grand of other goodies
  10. Seaside Graphix celica

    Seaside Graphix celica

  11. Veilside Kit

    Veilside Kit