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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hello Guys, LOCAL PICK UP ONLY/ or meet half way. PM me for details. Putting up for sale a VIS OEM Style carbon fiber hood that I've had for awhile and haven't had the time to install on my ride. I know, simple install, don't judge. :roflno: I never did get it with a matching CF scope as i...
  2. General Discussion
    I'm trying to see how many members have had good luck with the vis zyclone hood. Don't know if this belongs here or in appearance mods, but couldn't find much about the hood.
  3. Want To Buy Ads
    Anyone selling a a cf hood? I'm located in south Florida. If one is local that's great if not I'll pay shipping
  4. Readers Rides
    decided to finally make a readers ride. This is my second car and i know i wanted a manual car, and I ended up with a 2003 celica gt with 60,000 mi. in 2007. by the summer of 2007 i made the mistake of letting my friend drive my car. He miss shifted going from 3rd to 2nd instead of 3rd to...
  5. Appearance Mods
    The clear coat is peeling pretty hardcore on my hood (as a side note, this suddenly happened overnight; would this be because of Texas weather?) so I figured I would just jump in and get a carbon fiber hood like I've been wanting to since I bought the car lol. I have read the posts regarding...
  6. Parts For Sale
    Some drunk rear ended my LiL Demon:marky: Ill be parting my car out soon so there will be a seperate thread for that. for now the following parts are for sale: cf bezel $40 shipped raised hood scoop "fiber glass" $60 shipped VIS raised hood scoop with new clear $120 shipped passenger side...
  7. So Cal Classifieds
    ViS CARBON FIBER TRUNK-KAMINARI CF WING-HEADLIGHT & FOGS-KAZUMA-POSSIBLE GTS PARTOUT So some [email protected]!ng drunk wrecked my gt-s. Insurance said its most likely totaled!:marky: for now I have the following parts for sale : 1. VIS Carbon Fiber trunk lid with tinted glass -$500 2. Kaminari Race wing...
  8. So Cal Classifieds
    VIS CARBON FIBER HOOD/NEW CLEAR & KAZUMA EXHAUST -make reasonable offer-no lowballers Vis CF hood with new clear & sparco hood pins *very small stress crack next to ps hood pim "barely noticeable" - $250 Kazuma trd exhaust - $350 BUY BOTH FOR $500 Uploaded with
  9. So Cal Classifieds
    Decided to part with mycarbon fiber hood and fenders together or seperate. Hood is in great shape in great shape 9 out of 10 finish and fitment. Fenders are in great shape too 9 out of 10 also.The only little detail on the fenders are that you might need to reinforce the tab with a lil...
1-9 of 9 Results