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  1. Suspension & Brake Tuning
    Can you guys please post pictures of a 1.5 inch drop with 225-/35r18 wheel size? I ordered tanabe gf210 and I want to see how the drop looks also I have kaminari kit . also about how many wheel gap on the rear?. please and thank you
  2. Wheel & Tire Forum
    Does any know if a wheel 18 x 8 with a 215/35 18 tire will fit my 2003 celica dropped 2 inches with perfect alignment????????
  3. Wheel & Tire Forum post about this question because it does regard rims/wheels. Has anyone ever seen a Celica with Vossens? Because personally, I'm interested- but I can't seem to find any information on it whatsoever. I feel like it would look soooo good with them. form>performance at the moment.
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    Im trying to remove the rear wheel hub on a 00 gt,but its rusted real bad,does anyone have any idea whats the easiest way to remove it?
  5. Repair & Maintenance
    I feel the car shaking and some vibration mainly when at speed more than 40 miles. It becomes immense when more than 70 miles. I could say it is on the vertical axis rather the horizontal, if i can describe that way. Steering wheel is shaking a little but not in the way exactly like needing...
  6. So Cal Classifieds
    Hey all, selling locally ONLY. no shipping. I live in Irvine (92603). If interested plz PM for the fastest response. Only interested in JDM sidemarkers or white Tsunami headlights for trade deals. Thanks! First up is a BRAND NEW IN BOX TRD GT Extended exhaust. This is brand new, I bought it...
  7. Wheel & Tire Forum
    I figured that this is the best place to see what everyone else thinks of Bernie becoming a moderator of the Wheel & Tire forum. Even though I have a good idea how the votes will go, go ahead and submit your choice in the poll and maybe it will finally happen. After all, I think that it is long...
  8. Suspension & Brake Tuning
    So my right passenger strut makes this popping clunking bad sound. it was pretty subtle when it started but then after i jacked the car up for an oil change the clunking got worse. It only happens at low speeds below 30mph? i want to say. also turning the wheel doesn't affect the clunking...
  9. Wheel & Tire Forum
    okay so, i recently (a month ago lmao) got a set of new wheels and tires off my friend. i went from my stockies 195/60r15 to 215/50r17s. the thing is that when i turn the wheel all the way to one side, the inner wall corner starts rubbing against the wheel well, so i have three options i...
  10. Parts For Sale
    looking for offers *Brand New C-ONE Steering Wheel *JDM Looking for offers Txt 509-630-6557
  11. Wheel & Tire Forum
    Hey guys, quick question. I'm going to paint my 16" Stock GT-S wheels matte black. I found this wheel paint, and I'm wondering how many cans I would need to paint all four wheels? Also, how many cans of this primer? Same amount? Or less, considering it's just the primer coating? Thanks guys.
  12. Want To Buy Ads
    Good day everyone, I'm looking to buy one GTS oem rim. Let me know if you've got one lying around.
  13. wheel

    wheel shadow mountain
  14. wheel well lights red 2

    I know I need to remount the underbodies and hide them
  15. Img_0519

1-16 of 16 Results