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  1. OEM HID Wiring/Harness

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Hey everyone, just purchased some JDM OEM HID's and I just wanted to clarify whether I've got the wiring correct or not, so I can prep everything before they ship to me. I am looking at making a harness similar to the above (picture from: Link 1 & Link 2) so I don't have to cut my factory...
  2. Radio Wiring trouble

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    So, i am out of ideas on this radio project of mine and i really need to get these wires figured out. I have my own amp wired in under the seat with an auxiliary cord going to my phone or tablet. I have 13 wires coming from the original radio harness and while i know what they all do, i dont...
  3. Push button start questions. Help 2way!

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Alright. I've been trying to do this whole push button start thing ever since I installed my rfid pke system. It's cool that the doors automatically unlock and lock for me but it is somewhat pointless b/c I have to take my keys out to start my car anyway. So here are my thoughts so far: 1)...
  4. Amp Wiring Battery to Amp

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    I'm new here, so excuse my ignorance. I'm going to install 2 amps to power aftermarket speakers and need to wire them directly to the battery. Where's the best place to get through the firewall?
  5. Tach not working

    Repair & Maintenance
    Hey guys, just looking for some input for this problem... I did use the Search function but I didn't really come up with anything that really fit the bill. Sorry if I missed something that was right in front of me though. Anyways, this is the thing. I got this car early October of 2011, and...
  6. HELP! 2ZZ Wiring Connector Questions

    Audio, Electrical, & Security
    Can someone help me figure out what these connectors are? I’m really trying to learn my way around this engine; this is waay more different than a carbureted small block Chevy. I’m not sure if I have an arrow pointing to them or not, but can someone please point out where the TPS and knock...