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突 進....My first pics..

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My first pics on reader's ride. It feels some what close to complete.
yeah yeah yeah I know too much going on :p: .

pics of.. yes my celi and my good friend's EG.

BTW: please spare me the I hate on civics comments. Get off that band wagon.
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i like ur car... it looks mean... but the exhaust... doesnt look nice .. NICE CAR
is that the hks carbon TI exhaust?? your car looks mean.
Nice car, I like it :thumbup:
very nyce man :thumbup:
very nice!
very nice man car, i liek the bummper, its rare
car looks good. what kind of wheels are those?
Your front bumper has too many holes in it.
neological said:
Your front bumper has too many holes in it.
heh that's a nice way of saying it
I like the powdercoated Enkie's!:thumbup:
I think you should get the TRD spoiler just to match the aggressiveness of the rest of the body.
I love it! very clean. What are your numberS?
david.mcmahon1 said:
what turbo are you running???
DA Sport Kit I believe..

Looking good Rush!
damn son! looking mad mean.... how much u pushin on the wheels with those kit?
1 - 20 of 52 Posts
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