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Upon returning home, there was a tricked-out Neon toying around with me. After a light turned green, I was minding my business and saw an open road and decided to take it up to 60 MPH (it's almost 12:30 AM, and no one's on the road). Well, this Neon decides to race me from a roll, so I dropped to 2nd and burned him by 2 car lengths. I shut down after about 85, and he proceeded to do the...

Well, we both get caught up at a red light up ahead. I'm in the #2 lane, as there is a 4x4 in the left lane. He's rolling his car back and forth. In the lane he's in (right lane, #3), it comes to an end about 2000 ft down the road. Knowing this, I realized I needed to be the first to reach that spot. The light turned green, and he managed to stay at my rear bumper. After reaching the merge, he continued to tailgate while I brake checked him (a downhill curve was coming up). Frustrated, he switched to the left lane and flew by again...almost losing control on the curve...and disappeared.

I don't know if I just got lucky on this one, or the guy didn't know how to shift.
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