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So... After a couple of weeks trying to get Rafa to work with me because I wanted specific parts for the OEM '03 front bumper, I have failed to receive any help or acknowledgement from him. It's really sad, because I really looked forward to working with him. I don't have any other choice now, seeing how he has not replied to either of my messages since his "vacation" after two weeks. (YES I have looked at his forum post with the ToTPerformance kit.) The only reason why I refuse to buy it off their site is because I do not have need for all the parts in the kit.

I'm counting on here and wherever I may search for a decently priced bumper.

I'm looking for a "shark nose" OEM '03 bumper, gReddy is another on my wishlist, but I want to get the bumper first.

If it's white, it'd be great, but unpainted will be fine if anyone is selling this.
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